Extreme-scale Model Exploration with Swift

What is EMEWS?

As high-performance computing resources have become increasingly available, new modes of computational processing and experimentation have become possible. This tutorial presents the Extreme-scale Model Exploration with Swift (EMEWS) framework for combining existing capabilities for model exploration approaches (e.g., model calibration, metaheuristics, data assimilation) and simulations (or any “black box” application code) with the Swift/T parallel scripting language to run scientific workflows on a variety of computing resources, from desktop to academic clusters to Top 500 level supercomputers. This tutorial presents a number of use-cases, starting with a simple agent-based model parameter sweep, and ending with a complex adaptive parameter space exploration workflow coordinating ensembles of distributed (MPI) simulations. The use-cases are available for interested parties to download and run on their own.

  • Jonathan Ozik
    Argonne National Laboratory

  • Nicholson Collier
    Argonne National Laboratory

  • Justin Wozniak
    Argonne National Laboratory

  • Carmine Spagnuolo
    Univeristà degli Studi di Salerno

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    Ozik, J., N. Collier, J. M. Wozniak and C. Spagnuolo. 2016. "From Desktop to Large-Scale Model Exploration with Swift/T." In Proceedings of the 2016 Winter Simulation Conference.
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