New release of Variorum

Variorum v0.6.0 has been released!

New features:

  • Support for new architectures: Intel discrete GPUs, AMD GPUs through ROCm-SMI
  • Add python wrappers and python module pyVariorum

API changes:

  • Update JSON APIs to use char* instead of json_t*
  • Creates new variorum_topology.h header to expose get topology APIs

Other notable changes:

  • VARIORUM_LOG moved from a build variable to an environment variable
  • Update architecture-related names to be more granular, for example, VARIORUM_WITH_AMD became VARIORUM_WITH_AMD_CPU and VARIORUM_WITH_AMD_GPU, and SandyBridge_2A.h became Intel_06_2A.h
  • Standardized examples with -h and -v flags, for printing the help menu and Variorum version, respectively

Download links are available on the For Developers page.