New major release of Variorum

Variorum v0.5.0 has been released!

New features:

  • Support for new architectures: AMD CPUs, Intel Ice Lake
  • Add examples for integration Variorum into OpenMP and MPI programs, adds dependency on rankstr library for MPI examples (optional)

API changes:

  • Rename clock_speed to frequency and power_limits to power_limit throughout Variorum API
  • Report info about power domains through JSON, such as what can be measured, what can be measured and capped (along with limits), and what cannot be measured or capped (unsupported).
  • Deprecate set_and_verify API and removes associated example
  • Extend JSON API and Best Effort Node Power Cap to ARM, AMD, and Intel platforms, IBM already supported

Other notable changes

  • Use getopt to parse arguments in examples
  • CI migrated from Travis to GitLab
  • Add presentations from ECP 2021 tutorial series
  • Extend GitLab build matrix to build across different GCC versions
  • Refactor msr_core.[ch] into its own directory as it is used by both Intel and AMD ports
  • Improved docs: add AMD and ARM docs, rankstr dependency, re-organize hierarchy, update system digram, add pages for categories of APIs, add info on Argo, PowerStack, EEHPC WG, PowerAPI, and Variorum integrations
  • License header check as new unit test

Download links are available on the For Developers page.