Argo-related activities during the ECP Annual Meeting

A number of activities related to the Argo project and its members took place during the 2020 ECP Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas.

On Tuesday, February 4, Tapasya Patki, Aniruddha Marathe, Stephanie Brink, and Barry Rountree presented a tutorial on Managing Power Efficiency of HPC Applications with Variorum and GEOPM.

On Wednesday, February 5, the team presented two posters: Management of Deep Memory Hierarchy in the Exascale Era and Resource Partitioning and Power Management in the Exascale Era. Both are available on our Publications page.

On Thursday, February 6, Swann Perarnau presented a tutorial on Memory Movement Orchestration and Topology-Aware Placement with AML. Kamil Iskra organized the Management of Complex, Heterogeneous, and Hierarchical Memory Resources breakout session, with Maya Gokhale and Swann Perarnau as two of the panelists. Maya Gokhale organized the Persistent Memory in the Exascale Memory/Storage Continuum breakout session.