Argo-related activities during SC

A number of activities related to the Argo project and its members will take place during the upcoming SC conference in Denver, Colorado.

Even before the SC starts, on November 13–15 (Wednesday–Friday), the PowerStack Seminar will take place in the nearby Colorado Springs.

On Sunday, November 17, at 8:30am–12pm, Tapasya Patki will give a half-day tutorial on Boosting Power Efficiency of HPC Applications with GEOPM. She will also present at the 14th Workshop on Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science (WORKS); the link to the paper is available on our Publications page.

On Monday, November 18, at 9am–5:30pm, the Workshop on Memory Centric High Performance Computing (MCHPC) will take place. The workshop is co-organized by Maya Gokhale and will include presentations by Ivy Peng on UMap and by Swann Perarnau on AML (both papers are available on our Publications page). In parallel, the Tenth Annual Workshop for the Energy Efficient HPC Working Group (EE HPC WG) will take place (9am–5:30pm), as will the workshop on the Containers and New Orchestration Paradigms for Isolated Environments in HPC (CANOPIE HPC) (2pm–5:30pm).

On Tuesday, November 19, at 10:30am-12pm, Kazutomo Yoshii will be on the panel on Reconfigurable Computing in HPC: Success Stories Today and Future?. At 5:15pm–6:45pm, Pete Beckman, Swann Perarnau, and Valentin Reis will co-lead a BoF on Machine-Learning Hardware: Architecture, System Interfaces, and Programming Models. In parallel, at 5:15pm–7pm, The LLNL PowerStack team will present the poster The HPC PowerStack: A Community-wide Collaboration Towards an Energy Efficient Software Stack (also on display throughout the day Tuesday–Thursday).

On Wednesday, November 20, at 12:15pm–1:15pm, Stephanie Brink will co-lead the BoF on HPC PowerStack: Community-Driven Collaboration on Power-Aware System Stack. At 5:15pm–6:45pm, Kazutomo Yoshii will co-lead the BoF on Reconfigurable/FPGA Clusters for High Performance Computing.